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May 2, 2013
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Breed History : Boston Terrier by kapieren Breed History : Boston Terrier by kapieren
Part of a series. Went ahead and did this first before another one I had intended because my buddy, :iconknuxtiger4:, owns a Boston Terrier and really wanted to know about the breed!

This is just a brief history, if you really want to know about the Boston Terrier breed I'd suggest reading the book linked below by Edward Axtell. His wording can be a bit funky (it's old English grammar) so I tried my best and kept it to the core basics. Turns out the Boston Terrier was known, by the author at least, as "The American Dog" in his 1910 publication which I find interesting as it's a term often claimed to be held by the APBT (which I found no historical record of).

I also found out through my research that although the Boston Terrier, Bull Terrier, and Staffordshire Terrier are related, the Boston Terrier is far more related to the Bull Terrier than it is the Staffordshire as the early Bull Terrier was some of the founding stock for the Boston. The more you research the more you know!

You can see the general genetic relation of pit type breeds here. [link]

If there are any typos or weird historical contradictions I will go back and fix them, but this should be pretty accurate overall.

Sergeant Stubby:
1921 Evening Public Ledger [link]
1921 The Evening World [link]
1921 The Washington Herald [link]
1922 The Washington Times [link]

Breed History:
1910 The Boston Terrier "The American Dog" Edward Axtell [link]
AKC Kennel Club Stud Book [link]
1910 Los Angeles Herald [link]
1911 The San Francisco Call [link]
1912 The San Francisco Call [link]
1914 The Sun [link]
Pedigree Dogs Exposed Blog: Hooper's Judge [link]

Other Resources
CD : Helen Keller Edition [link]
NY Times : Helen Keller's Talk [link]
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